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4 Wheel Tilting Gas Cylinder Trolley

Part No: NS-CT04
NS-CT04 4 Wheel Tilting Gas Cylinder trolley is perfect to safely carry single G Size or 45kg gas cylinder
$895.00 excl tax

Beverage Drinks Carton Trolley Tilting 4 Wheel

Part No: NS-TBT
250kg Continuous Working Load. Equipped with front omni-directional Rotacasters on a solid stainless steel axle.
$520.00 excl tax

Cylinder Trolley for 2 Trolleys

Part No: NS-CT03
Designed for 2 cylinders, this cylinder handtruck trolley comes with a solid base, a frame and chains to prevent from cylinders from rolling while moving. With maximum safety, this is an ideal trolley for everyday use and convenience.
$363.75 excl tax

Drum Trolley for 200 Litre

Part No: NS-T058
Suits 200 Litre (44 Gallon) Drums. 12 Month Frame Warranty.
$210.00 excl tax

Gas Cylinder Trolley for 1 x G Size or 1 x E Size Cylinder

Part No: NS-CT01Q
This Gas Cylinder Trolley for 1 x G Size or 1 x E Size Cylinder comes with chain to retain cylinder. its angled toeplate prevents cylinder slipping off. Its fully welded and mild steel construction with a powder coated finish.
$353.60 excl tax

Gas Cylinder Welding Trolley

Part No: NS-T-WT
This 2 gas cylinder welding bottle trolley is a craneable trolley and designed to carry one type ā€œGā€ Oxygen and one type ā€œGā€ Acetylene gas cylinder. Complete with internal load-binder to securely fasten both gas cylinders.
$630.00 excl tax

Welding Trolley for 1 x G Size Oxygen and 1 x G Size Acetylene

Part No: NS-WTQ
This Welding Trolley is designed to hold one G size oxygen cylinder and one G size acetylene cylinder and its ideal uses is for workshops, construction sites, mining.
$335.00 excl tax