Pallet Hooks

Pallet Hook - Heavy Duty 4500 SWL

Part No:NS-PHN4500
A heavy capacity pallet hook for loads up to 4500kg. Fully adjustable tines makes this unit extremely versatile.
$8,215.00 excl tax

Pallet Hook (Automatic) 2000 SWL

Part No:NS-PHA2000
The automatic pallet hook, type PHA2000, is self levelling for ease of operation.
$2,250.00 excl tax $2,045.00 excl tax

Pallet Hook (Manual) 2200 SWL

Part No:NS-PHD2200
The PHD2200 Pallet Hook features variable body height and adjustable tine width.
$2,035.00 excl tax $1,850.00 excl tax