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6 x Type T Forklift Cylinders

Part No: EW-GF06
Forklift Cylinders like our Gas Cylinder Cages are used to extend the life of your propane tanks and protect them from being dropped or hit, preventing disastrous workplace accidents. Forklift Cylinders are a key element of proper propane storage. Propane is already a hazardous flammable material, that when pressurized into a metal tank, carries a deadly potential explosive force if mishandled. Forklift cylinders should be treated with the respect they deserve and put in a cage. Our LPG storage cages come with a lockable latch, mesh sides and front for great ventilation and a solid roof that will protect the cylinders from damage. NS-GF06 hold 6 x forklift gas gas cylinders specifically designed for safe storage of forklift LPG cylinders.
$1,400.00 excl tax