Grout Kibble 0.5m3

Part No: EW-GK05

EW-GK05 0.5m3 (half cubic metre) grout kibble is used to dump viscous materials.
$4,525.00 excl tax
$4,110.00 excl tax


The EW-GK05 crane grout kibble has 0.5m3 (half cubic metre) capacity and is also fitted with forklift pockets for easy handling whilst on the ground. Easy for the operator with unobstructed view from the pour handle which allows full control of the grout kibble. Kibble can be used for any viscous material including grout or equivalent liquids

  • Full 12 month factory warranty
  • Compliance plate fitted for use in Australia
  • Workplace risk & hazard identification paperwork included
  • Comprehensive safe use operations manual included
  • 300mm Butterfly Valve
  • Painted safety yellow
  • Pour height = 1140mm
  • Shipping dimensions = 1450mm x 1450mm x 1540mm (height)


Products specifications
SWL (kg) 1500
Capacity 0.5 cubic metre
Unit Weight (Kg) 240
Pocket Size (mm) 165mm x 65
Pocket Centres (mm) 925
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