Grout Kibble 1m3 with hose Concrete Kibble

Part No: EW-CK1H

The EW-CK1H Grout Kibble 1m3 with hose has been designed for the convenient placement of grout in columns, walls and other confined areas. Also suitable for general concrete conveyance along with more liquid grout mixes without leakage.
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Grout Kibble 1m3 with hose

The chain operated valve allows operator to stand up to 3 metres below the kibble and still control the grout flow. A 200mm diameter knife valve allows precise control over the grout flow, ideal for filling wall cavities and columns. Fitted standard with a 200mm diameter x 2 metre long lay flat hose.

Complete with convenient fork pockets and a single point crane lift . The smooth interior of the kibble allows for easy discharge of grout and ease of cleaning.

Designed in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards and supplied with instructions, certification and risk and hazard identification manuals.

Working Load Limit (WLL): 3000kg
Total Unit Weight: 241kg

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