Hydraulic Reach Forks C2 3000kg 1200mm-2050mm

Part No: EW-RF-2-1200/850

Hydraulic reach forks are extendable and retractable forks saving time, space and money and increasing eficency and warehouse capacity. Available from 2 to 10.5 tonne capacity, reachforks allow for ‘double-deep’ stacking, increasing warehouse capacity by up to 30% compared to ‘single-deep’ warehouse operations.
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Reachforks allow trucks to be loaded/unloaded from one side eliminating the need to turn the vehicle or drive the Forklift to the opposite side making the operation much safer. To operate the reachforks, the Forklift requires an additional hydraulic function. 

Reach Fork Specifications:-

  • Length (Unextended): 1200mm
  • Reach                    : 850mm
  • Extended Length      : 2050mm
  • SWL at 600mm Load Centre : 3000kg
  • Weight per pair        : 175kg
  • ISO / FEM Mounting  : Class 2

Other options available: 

• Pallet Stops – to prevent the reach forks from protruding through to the rear pallet 
• Load Guards – to suit if required