Turn Tables

Paldisc Turntable 2000Kg Capacity

Part No: EW-PDTT-2000
A fine range of top quality industrial turntable units that are designed for loading and unloading pallets at varying heights and with the additional facility of being able to work at any given point on the pallet. The Pal Disc could be the perfect solution to pallet loading / unloading applications, offering easier stock handling tasks with much less fatigue for your staff, as well as speeding up your pallet loading operations.
$2,090.00 excl tax

Pallet Turn Table 2000Kg Capacity

Part No: EW-PTT-2000
Turntable is an affordable, versatile and effective material handling aid that can be used for a variety of applications such as: Loading / unloading from bins, stillages, racking, etc., Manual palletising /depalletising, Ideal alongside process and production equipment or conveyor systems
$959.00 excl tax

Powered Turntable 1500Kg Capacity

Part No: EW-PTT-1500
Powered Pallet Wrapping Machine Turntable wraps pallets to a much tighter degree than hand wrapping. It's a neater job and will invariably save film wastage. Floor space costs money - and Powered Pallet Wrapping Machine Turntable takes up only a fraction of that required for hand wrapping - freeing up valuable floor space and reducing staff fatigue.
$3,280.00 excl tax

Raised Turntable 1200Kg Capacity

Part No: EW-RTT-1200
Our turntable on a stand is a cost effective option where both product rotation and elevation is required. The rotation concept allows workers to rotate goods safely preventing unnecessary strain and stretching and the stand helps limit bending often associated with manual handing products. These units are also useful for applications where access may be difficult and the use of our Palevator or scissor lift table is inappropriate.
$1,295.00 excl tax