Wheelie Bin Lifter Manual Hand Pump (100kg)

Part No: EW-HPM

No electricity - no problems. This hand pump manual wheelie bin lifter with huge 100kg lift capacity will do the job
$5,500.00 excl tax


Simply wheel the bin up to the wheelie Bin lifter which is attached to the side of the dumper bin by two sliding catches. Clip the bin onto the frame. Then pump it up to empty. It only takes about 20 double action pumps to tip all the rubbish into the dumper. To lower the unscrew the relief valve, and the bin will lower in a controlled way over 18 seconds.

As standard fits 240 and 140 litre wheelie bins, and with a built in adjustment it can take 120 and 80 litre wheelie bins. make sure you tell us your bin size as there are two size to suit bins 1.5 or 1.8 metre high. 100kg lift Capacity.

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